Warranty: What you need to know

As a new home builder Foster Signature Homes provides a warranty department for our homeowners to utilize. As a home builder we offer a 1-year builder warranty and the option to purchase a 2-10 year warranty through Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC). PWSC covers additional items or long term items like your foundation, roof framing, structural problems or many other things that occur outside of the standard 1-year builder warranty from us!

What is considered a warranty request? A construction problem or malfunction that happens outside of regular homeowner maintenance. An example of regular homeowner maintenance would be, changing air filters, winterizing your home and sprinkler systems, changing light bulbs, routinely changing appliance filters, and weather related damage after closing on the home.

What are the expectations for completing a warranty request? After submitting a warranty request online or calling into our warranty department you can expect someone to follow up with you within one business day! If your warranty request is an emergency you can expect someone to reach out to you within one hour! Our warranty department will schedule any repairs that need to be made and will coordinate with the home owner. As far as completion time expectations, that is all dependent on the home owner’s availability.

How do I know if my warranty request is standard or an emergency? We consider a few things as an emergency! HVAC (heating & cooling) problems during extreme temperatures, water related issues i.e. cracked/burst pipes, and electrical problems that could cause harm or fire hazard i.e. shocks and/or shorts. Another big one that rarely happens but is possible is a gas malfunction/leak etc. in that case you will need to call the gas company and have them come repair, for that situation we leave it to the absolute gas pros! When experiencing a warranty emergency, our response time is 1-hr or less. Please use your absolute judgement before using the word emergency.

How do I know if my problem is routine homeowner maintenance or a warranty issue? First we want to make sure that if a problem results because of neglect of regular home maintenance your request may not be covered under warranty. Here are a few things that we commonly get calls about that are actually regular home maintenance. Changing your air filters and/or any HVAC problems resulting from dirty air filters, winterizing your home and sprinkler lines (hoses detached from home during freezing temps), adjusting your sprinklers to seasonal watering trends to avoid over watering/standing water, there are many more things that are typical maintenance. Our warranty manager will be able to assist it you are not sure about maintenance or warranty problem.

 We are so excited that you have chosen Foster Signature Homes as your new home builder! Along with new homes comes minor fixes and things that you may need our help with! I hope that this brief warranty description has been helpful as you begin your journey with us. Whether you just recently closed or closed 6 months ago, we are always willing to help guide you through our process or recommend companies that we use!