30 Tips for moving!

30 Tips for moving into your new home! 

Now that you have closed on your new Foster Signature Home we wanted to give you a few tips we have found that are helpful when moving into a new home, especially a new construction home! Moving is stressful, when moving into a new home people are more motivated to only take the things you absolutely need. Take this opportunity to make sure you de-clutter your home and don’t pack things you don’t need. 

1.    Get rid of everything – this is the perfect time to go through junk drawers, dressers, bathrooms, and closets to get rid of things you don’t need or have been meaning to donate or get rid of for months!

2.    Sort things by category – make sure you are packing and sorting things in each room by category. Closet, desk, bed, book shelf etc.

3.    Schedule a Free donation pickup – for furniture, clothing, and other house hold items that you no longer need; call and schedule someone like Goodwill or The Salvation Army to come pick up the things you want to donate!

4.    Research professional moving companies – do your research! Read reviews and also take a look at the fine print. Make sure if you hire a moving company you know if they have any strange rules, and what the will and won’t do while moving!

5.    Pick the right moving day – Moving day doesn’t necessarily need to be the same as closing day! Make sure you are completely ready for your move before you start. 

6.    Map out the best way to get to your new home – if using more than one vehicle, multiple friends and family to move, make sure everyone knows the most efficient way from your old house to your new house. (Obviously this applies to people who already live within driving distance to your new home) 

7.    Create a major to-do list – You need to make sure you understand all of the things that need to be done when you move. Make a list and put them on a calendar. Make sure to check them off as you go.

8.    Get moving boxes from your local liquor store – Usually they have a lot of boxes that they are more than happy to let you take off their hands so that they do not have to break them down, and it gets them out of their building!

9.    Check to see if you have original boxes for your electronics – This makes for easy transport and you know it will fit perfectly and you won’t have to worry about breakage or wrapping it. 

10.    Go to hardware store - Make sure you have all of the tools etc. that you might need for moving or to disassemble items.

11.    Grab extra packing and moving supplies – Make sure you stock up on packing tape, bubble wrap, zip ties etc. Keep your receipts though because you can always return what you don’t end up using!

12.    Schedule Disconnect times – Schedule times for your electricity, internet, cable, gas, and water to transfer to the new address or cancel the service so you aren’t paying for services you are no longer using! Also scheduling in advance makes things move along more efficiently. 

13.    Pack ahead – START EARLY! We all tend to procrastinate but when you know you will be moving, start early and do a little every day. This will make packing less daunting and time consuming.

14.    Change your address at LEAST one week before you move – This allows for the post office to get your mail forwarded and all of your bills are arriving at the new address at the right time. You don’t want to miss important mail!

15.    Label boxes with content AND which room in goes in – This allows you to separate the boxes to their appropriate room; quickly and you can get to the things you need right away. 

16.    Use plastic wrap for your drawers – use plastic wrap or press and seal to keep your drawers completely intact. This way you won’t have to empty dressers and night stands.

17.    Pack breakable with t-shirts and blankets to reduce waste – using t-shirts, socks and other clothing items allows you to pack things you are already planning to pack and reduce waste from too much bubble wrap or packing paper!

18.    Pack dishes vertically – this prevents to much movement and reduces breaks

19.    Pack a clear plastic box with things you will need right away – put things like basic kitchen necessities, bathroom essentials, like paper towels, toilet paper etc. This will allow you to find things you need quickly.

20.    Pack an overnight bag – this one is very important, a lot of times your move will last more than one day, and unpacking will absolutely take more than one day. In these cases we recommend you pack a bag similar to a weekend getaway. This way you will thing things you need without having to dig through boxes. 

21.    Stop buying groceries 1-2 weeks ahead of your move – this one is also a money saver! Because later we will be recommending to defrost your refrigerator a few days before you leave you should also stop buying groceries at least one week before moving. Use up all of the food you already have! This will reduce the amount of food you will be throwing away when you start packing your kitchen.

22.    Take pictures of how your electronics are set up; makes for less time consuming set up – Taking photos of how all of your electronics are set up make for a painless set up in the new home! Take pictures of the TV set-up, computers and any others that have more than just a power cord.

23.    Put your storage bins and luggage to good use – This one should be a no brainer! Before you stock up on boxes or buy new ones, put what you have to good use! Suitcases, storage bins/bags etc. These are the perfect things to use because you won’t have to break down a box when you are finished!  

24.    Make copies of important papers – This is a good one! Make copies of mortgage papers, loan documents, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage license, etc. Just in case something gets lost or damaged having copies of these documents will make replacing them less of a headache.

25.    Set aside cleaning supplies for moving day – pack up your cleaning supplies in a box together and put them in a place of the new home where it is easily accessed. You never know when you might need a Clorox wipe!

26.    Defrost your fridge at least one day in advance of move – this allows for you to clean it, and wipe out any water that may leak from your fridge before loading it and moving into the new home! Highly recommend doing this to avoid damages.

27.    Load boxes for the same room together – this makes for easy labeling, loading, and unloading. 

28.    Take pictures of your new home before you move in – make sure you take photos of your new home so that you can notate its condition and if anything happens with the movers or during move-in you will have photos of its condition!

29.    Keep baggies handy for small pieces after taking things apart – When dismantling wall mounts, curtain rods, and certain pieces of furniture make sure to put the pieces in zip lock baggies and label them. This will make reassembly a dream!

30.    Label your cords! – use masking tape to label all of your power cords and electronics cables.

Remember that moving should be fun and exciting! Use these tips to make it as painless as possible, just think, at the end you’ll be in your new Foster Signature Home!