Building A Custom Home

When you begin the process of looking for a new home there are multiple factors that will shape the decision of should I buy or build? If you are willing and ready to build, a custom home builder is somewhere you can start. An established home builder like Foster Signature Homes, is perfect when you’re looking for a unique and fully customized home and have the time and drive to start from the very beginning.

When building your new home with us whether you are experienced or not, you have a lot of added benefits of someone who can do most of the work for you. If you build a custom you have the added luxury of setting your budget and agreeing on the sales price from the beginning. After agreeing on your sales price, the only additional out of pocket costs would be additional upgrades you add to your home after you begin building and designing.

Once you have a set budget, you begin designing your home. Foster Signature Homes has a drafting team that has floor plans and specs already designed, we can also manipulate the current floor plans to better fit your needs, or we can sit down with you and design your own floor plan from the ground up. Along with your floor plan, the drafting team can also prepare a digital view of the exterior of your home to work on elevations, brick color, paint color etc. to help you get a visual of how your home will look when completed.

Construction is one big concern of people building their own home. Timeline is important and must be decided before you even begin your floor plans. Construction takes time and precision. When using an established home builder, you are working with professionals who stick to timelines and schedules a lot more efficiently because they are constantly building new homes. When discussing materials and ordering, Foster will be able to pass along the discounts from distributors unlike building on your own. The relationship between the builder and the distributor is a long-term commitment, therefor the custom home builders can see that benefit. You also know that you a receiving quality materials that will keep your house in great condition for years to come.

One of the most important things that people building their own home come across is the design of the interior of the home. You will likely use most of your budget on things like the lighting, kitchen, and flooring. When you work with Foster Signature Homes you have the benefit of using our interior designer that can help you make important design decisions that will not push you over your budget but still within your design style. She is the creative mind that helps take a personal style and make it come to life. In a lot of cases the designer will end up being able to provide you with more than you dreamed of because they can find the right finishes for your home.

The benefit of building your new home with an established home builder like, Foster Signature Homes is the attention to detail, quality, and integrity of the work. You as the owner will be involved in the entire process without the added stresses of doing it completely on your own.


Ultimately you need to ask yourself – How important is uniqueness? What is my budget? What is my time frame? These questions will steer you to the decision on the type of home to build and who you want to help you make your dream a reality.