The Foster Signature Difference

Foster Signature Homes is a family owned and operated home building company established on our lasting core values.  Our mission is to build homes of excellence, energy efficiency, and extraordinary quality in a timely manner, while creating lasting relationships and repeat customers.  Foster Signature Homes strives to develop relationships, design magnificent homes constructed from superior craftsmanship and materials through a detail oriented approach.

2018 St. Jude Dream Home


Meet the Foster Signature Homes Family


Dr. Glenn A Foster, Jr.

While creating an impressive resume and reputation in the healthcare arena, Dr. Foster began an equally illustrious career in the land development and construction business.  Over the last 30 plus years Dr. Foster has created and designed multiple residential and commercial projects extending from Oklahoma to Florida.  His expertise encompasses the visualization, design, development, and implementation of tasteful, out of the ordinary projects with a very definite focus on superior quality and unique presentation.

His mantra of never cutting corners while producing the very highest level of esthetic design and impressive quality, along with a never ending concern for creating a superlative end product has been the cornerstone driving force leading to the creation of “Our Signature Difference.”

Richard Foster

Prior to the creation of Foster Signature Homes and growing it into the premier, cutting edge home building company in Oklahoma City we are today, Richard was busy in the public accounting industry. Using his double major degree in finance and accounting Richard worked as an auditor for Arthur Andersen and Grant Thornton in Houston, TX.  During this time he built an impressive resume of clients and knowledge working on high profile international clients all the way to large private entities in various industries from the oil and gas sector to construction conglomerates all over the world.

In 2005 he returned to Oklahoma and joined his dad, Glenn Foster, in his passion of home building. Soon after, the creation of Foster Signature Homes was born. Built on the cornerstone principles of integrity, hard work, honesty, desire for long-term relationships and an intense desire for unmatched quality and excellence have created a foundation allowing our Company to grow every year. These driving principles have resulted in the premier builder we are today, while creating “Our Signature Difference” with every home built.

In his spare time Richard enjoys being a member of St. Luke’s Methodist Church and is busy spending time with his family, including his wife Shanna, two year old twins Blake and Dax and newest member of the family daughter Paige born in March of 2013.  He is also an active member of various home building and business organizations throughout the city.

Foster Signature Homes Core Values



Above all else we value the truth. The most important thing is to keep our word and never take advantage of anyone. Even when it hurts or we have difficult news to deliver, we will always pursue openness and honesty.



We recognize our own limitations, putting a high value on our strengths, experiences, and perspectives of others. We are open and curious to learn from anyone, anywhere. We know we are capable of mistakes as individuals and as a team, but we have the resolve to learn and grow from those mistakes, errors, and difficulties.



We are building more than a company; we are building a group of true friends and family in a supportive environment. We will always be loyal to one another and to our customers, even when that loyalty might be challenging.



We have the drive, strength and commitment to exceed any task no matter what challenges we may face. We will persist and go above and beyond our customers' expectations



We are all in this together, working with and for each other. The sum of our parts is greater than the individuals.


Positive Attitude

We promote an energizing, optimistic, and fun environment for everyone. We strive to make it a pleasure to work while serving our customers.